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Toncur MG-028

1.Question: How long battery lasts after fully charged? Can a massage gun be used while charging?

Answer: The massager is fully charged for about 3 hours, you could use it up to 5 hours per charge. The gun can't be used while charging. Each grid light represents 20% of the electricity.

2.Question: How about the dual grip? easy to use? Is it too heavy to be held for neck massage? Does work on my neck and muscles?

Answer: It's not that heavy the structure is so smooth and hand-friendly. I sit at a computer all day and I suffer from soreness and tightness in my neck and shoulder. This massager melts away all that tightness! I love the massager!  It's not like any massager I've ever try before it's very effective and worth it. 

3.Question: Is this product compatible with 220 voltage?

Answer: Yes, our massage gun voltage is wide voltage ranging from 110~240V for universal worldwide usage, but our plug is 120V, only in the US, if you want to use it with 220V, please buy a 220V adapter with 16.8V. 

4.Question: Will this massage gun remember the last setting used?

Answer: No, when you switch it on the level starts at 0 (no speed/stationary). You can use the + or - button to change the speed level (max speed is 30).

5.Question: How to contact after-sales service?

Answer: If there are any issues with our product. Please feel free to contact us via our email address: support@toncur.com

Toncur ST-01/ST-02

1.Question: Is this easy to assemble? And will I be able to store it away easily?

Answer: Yes, Toncur mini trampoline is easy to assemble. It is minimal assembling, the jumping surface is assembled straight out of the box. You will need to assemble the legs and handlebars to the jumping surface. Here is a video that will show you how to install it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VEW7Dqa3-w5UIQCRY-4QZO2c-IFBh8Yq/view?usp=sharing Also, you can able to store it away easily as the fitness trampoline is foldable.

2.Question: Suction cups, rubber feet, what is the difference between them, my floor is wooden, which one should I choose?

Answer: Well, rubber feet should be placed on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt and suction cups should be used on tiles or wooden floors.

3.Question: What is the maximum weight?

Answer: The maximum user load is 330 lbs/ 150kg. Use reinforced closed steel springs and a high-quality pp mat, this Trampoline can support weight up to 330 lbs.